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“Thanks to Daniel Ben-Zvi for all his help on settling this high-profile entertainment case – he did a helluva job!!” 
John A. Lawrence, Esq. of Dongell Lawrence Finney 

“Thanks to Daniel Ben-Zvi for outstanding work. This construction case involved a complicated fact pattern with nuances that only became clear to each side during mediation. He effectively provided insight regarding the realities of continued litigation. His expertise in bringing together two disparate positions proved exceptionally valuable.” 
Walter E. Menck, Esq. of Miltner Polk & Menck

"At the end of the day, nobody could declare victory. But those who settled, settled reasonably. Daniel Ben-Zvi was instrumental in that, after many judges failed and the case was litigated through a five-year odyssey. It’s a real trick for us to be able to find somebody who has Mr. Ben-Zvi's background, a very sophisticated commercial consumer-oriented background. Across the board when I mention his name, he’s the one who always stays on the list because he’s so smart, tenacious and persistent. Mr. Ben-Zvi’s kindness, gentleness and humor comes across in the mediations with a firmness that gets a case moving. He speaks as fairly and eloquently to an injury accident victim as he does to a corporate CFO who has to write a big check. Those are real talents to have somebody who can play both sides of the field." 
Harry W.R. Chamberlain II, Esq. of Buchalter Nemer and past President, Association of Southern California Defense Counsel [ASCDC] 

"I cannot 'sing his praises' enough. Daniel Ben-Zvi was our mediator in a case involving a $15 Million real estate scam. His hard work got 78 plaintiffs & the defendant to a global settlement with the escrow company. Many were severely emotionally distraught, having lost their life savings. I've practiced law for over 30 years, and have had many mediators. Mr. Ben-Zvi is, in my opinion, the best of the best." 
Bruce Douthit, Esq. of Douthit & Associates 

"I think Daniel Ben-Zvi has a very good business sense, he knows his entertainment law. He’s certainly used to dealing with high-profile individuals. He has a very relaxed way about him that causes people to put aside their differences and try to work a case out instead of posturing." 
Dana Cole, Esq. of Cole & Loeterman

“Daniel Ben-Zvi’s successes in mediating wide-ranging personal injury and wrongful death cases makes him the go-to mediator for all kinds of injury cases.”
Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Shane, Esq.

"I found my experience with Daniel Ben-Zvi as a mediator to be a very fruitful one. Mr. Ben-Zvi's easy manner and keen understanding of the issues involved and the emotions and needs of the parties led to a rather seamless resolution of our dispute. I highly recommend him." 
Bob O'Neill, Vice President and General Counsel, Rhino Records

"Mediation is an art, and a mediator who can convince the parties to adjust their views to reach resolution is the key. Much like making pottery, push too hard and the settlement fails, push too little and the settlement never takes shape. Although the profiles of Mr. Ben-Zvi by the Daily Journal were quite favorable, they still may not have done him justice. Mr. Ben-Zvi's work in the two cases I have had before him was the key to resolution of two very emotional cases." 
David L. Winter, Esq. of Donahue Bates Blakemore & Mackey 

"After we won a $27.5 Million jury verdict, my client and I relied on Daniel Ben-Zvi's unique negotiating skills in a mediation held while this malpractice case was on appeal. Our reliance was very well placed. The parties at the mediation left with a signed, confidential settlement agreement." 
Martin Weniz, Esq. 

"This was a difficult real estate case to resolve due to the participation of two municipalities with various political and personal issues involved. Daniel Ben-Zvi handled it well and should be commended for his efforts... His willingness to listen and understand issues was refreshing. All counsel involved spoke and the general consensus was that we were all generally pleased with the outcome and his efforts. Thanks to Mr. Ben-Zvi."
Robert D. Stubblefield, Esq. of The Masonry Group

“My most sincere thanks to Mr. Ben-Zvi. His great skill and patience got our matter settled. I stand by my words. The case never would have settled without his expert assistance.” 
Dennis Kass, Esq. of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP

"Daniel Ben-Zvi is great at what he does and is able to settle cases that most mediators would not even know how to start to handle!" 
Glenn D. Hamovitz, Esq. 

"Daniel Ben-Zvi did an excellent job for us. His calm, diligent manner and complete grasp of the facts and law in our case resulted in a settlement that the parties had been unable to achieve on their own, despite months of trying." 
Rita M. Haeusler, Esq. of Hughes Hubbard & Reed 

"Thank you again to Mr. Ben-Zvi for all his effort at yesterday's mediation. This case had some genuinely unique peculiarities and procedural issues, and an emotional component, which did not bode well for a settlement. Mr. Ben-Zvi’s skill, demeanor, patience, creativity and, above all, unwillingness to give up, are what produced the momentum and, ultimately, the settlement. I and my client [Los Angeles Department of Airports] were both very impressed and will definitely be requesting Mr. Ben-Zvi’s services in the future." 
Douglas S. Knoll, Esq., Office of the Attorney General of California

"Mr. Ben-Zvi had read all the briefs, understood the factual and legal issues, was extremely persistent and, in the end, settled a case that no one thought would settle." 
Christopher R. Wagner, Esq. of Gordon & Rees 

"Daniel Ben-Zvi is an excellent mediator, a quick study who evaluates the issues and nuances of a complex case carefully and well, and who works tenaciously to achieve a resolution that works for both parties." 
Michael Heumann, Esq. of Nossaman, Guthner, Knox & Elliott 

"At the outset of our mediation, I considered this case unsettleable. I was thoroughly and happily surprised when through superhuman efforts Mr. Ben-Zvi managed to bring the parties together. The various co-defendants up until that point could not even agree on the color of the sky. I realize that results like this take a lot of hard work and skill, and obviously you have both. I would heartily recommend Daniel Ben-Zvi as a mediator to anyone." 
James E. Curry, Esq. of Bollington, Stilz, Bloeser & Curry

"Our difficult and sensitive malpractice case didn’t settle at the mediation, but Mr. Ben-Zvi was diligent in following-up and the case settled on the terms he proposed within two weeks of the mediation." 
Linda Fermoyle Rice, Esq., Rice & Bloomfield 

"Thanks to Mr. Ben-Zvi for his excellent and successful services in the mediation...I will keep his card handy for use the next time we need his talents." 
Steven Sokol, Esq. of Halling & Sokol

“It was a difficult case to settle but I’m glad both sides were able to work through it yesterday to close this final piece of business and move on to more profitable ventures. Thanks to Dan Ben-Zvi for his patience and perseverance in helping us get there. “
David W. Smiley, Esq. of Marks, Finch, Thornton & Baird

“Thanks to Mr. Ben-Zvi for his excellent work in assisting the parties to reach agreement. His help was essential in bringing this matter to a conclusion.” 
John R. MacDowell, Esq. of Fiore Racobs & Powers

"Mediator Daniel Ben-Zvi had a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the parties' cases before the mediation began, his assessment of the costs and risks of going to trial was right on the mark and he did an excellent job of overcoming the parties' recalcitrance in achieving a settlement. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future and would enthusiastically recommend him to others." 
David H. Fallek, Esq., formerly of Bingham McCutchen

"Please consider this as ‘fan mail.' I thought the job Daniel Ben-Zvi did in settling our case at the end of last month was nothing short of spectacular. My congratulations ... We are very impressed with his talents." 
John T. Blanchard, Esq. , Attorney at Law, and Professor, Loyola Law School

What Parties Say

“Many thanks for Daniel Ben-Zvi’s fine work in helping us resolve the dispute. It is remarkable. If he were on TripAdvisor or Amazon.com, I would give him a five-star rating!” 
Edwin S. Friendly III, Friendly Family Productions, LLC

"I felt that the settlement was fair and that court (and more legal fees) was avoided. I am thankful this business dispute is over, and I thank Mr. Ben-Zvi for hanging in there with us! His professionalism and influence made all of the difference." 
Eric Miner [contract] 

"I thought Mr. Ben-Zvi handled the mediation extremely well, with a high degree of professionalism and motivation to conclude an agreement." 
Jon Gilbert, President, Warner Bros. Studio Facilities 

“I was very pleased with Daniel Ben-Zvi’s handling of all legal and business considerations, especially his ever-conscious approach to maximizing my business goals while avoiding unnecessary litigation.” 
Steven Gruman, The Counter Restaurants

"Dan Ben-Zvi is a mediator, a lawyer, a writer, and above all a sensitive human being who has always cared about settling disputes fairly, and as pleasantly as possible. He was born to be a mediator." 
Dan Raviv, CBS News broadcaster and author 

"Mr. Ben-Zvi did an awesome job mediating my case (please excuse the slang.) He enabled me to feel validated and at ease in an uncomfortable situation. In addition, I was very happy with the final result." 
Stephanie Wolfson, Wolfson Knitting Mills 

"I was reluctant to attend a mediation thinking that settlement was next to impossible. Mr. Ben-Zvi did the impossible. We settled and I'm incredibly satisfied!" 
Steve Barth, President of Equity Title; Los Angeles/Ventura region 

"Mr. Ben-Zvi's skills in passive negotiating are beyond anything I have ever seen. I am the happiest I have been in ages. This whole ordeal was very difficult on me, and I am elated (and stunned) that it is over! Congratulations to Mr. Ben-Zvi on a phenomenal job!!!" 
Scott Palazzo, Director, Camera Ready Productions

“I am grateful for the service Daniel Ben-Zvi provided. I have a sense of relief and gratitude. Daniel Ben-Zvi is outstanding at reading people and circumstances and helping them find common ground.” 
Dean Butler, actor

"Mr. Ben-Zvi is a miracle worker. His abilities are amazing. He did the impossible and ended six years of torture and heart break. Bless him." 
Michele Rose [trust and estate]

Reactions to Presentations By Daniel Ben-Zvi

“We have gotten rave reviews in our firm about Daniel Ben-Zvi’s MCLE presentation on mediation. He definitely made a mark on our group! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing him soon in a mediation.” 
Andrew Baum, Esq. of Glaser Weil

“Daniel Ben-Zvi ‘s expertise in alternative dispute resolution is indisputable. I’ve attended several of his presentations at UCLA and at Sony Pictures, and have found him to be dynamic, engaging, entertaining and extremely informative. His real-world anecdotes provide valuable insight. I highly recommend Daniel Ben-Zvi as a speaker and as a neutral.” 
Daniel Yankelevits, Esq. VP Business Affairs, Sony - Columbia Pictures, and author of "Hollywood Dealmaking"

“Thanks to Daniel Ben-Zvi for a clever and thoughtful discussion on "Ethics & Malpractice in Alternative Dispute Resolution". It was very well received by nearly 100 attorneys in attendance. Mr. Ben-Zvi’s presentation was a practical guide to utilizing ADR and successfully resolving disputes outside of court. I imagine the resources he offered will serve as valuable tools for the nearly 100 Deputy City Attorneys in attendance as they endeavor to resolve disputes outside of traditional litigation in the future. Thanks again. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Ben-Zvi to share more of his professional experience and expert guidance with our attorneys in the future. ” 
Sue Frauens, Esq. Assistant City Attorney, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office